Friday, 2 November 2012

Margate photography blog

I have just come from Cols blog Lomokent Margate he is a local camera enthusiast and is often about in Margate and he loves the coffee in the cafe at the Turner Contemporary. He holds a few years on me I was born in 1955 and he in his latest post mentions he was 15 two years before I was born. His love of photography emcompasses not only digital but film which is making some what of a comeback. The buzz word is Lomography whis has its own dedicated website and promotes the use of film or as it calls it analogue film, it makes it sound sort of post modern and retro at the same time. I started to run a blog about my adventures with fim cameras but have shelved it until my health improves. Well Col seems to be doing a good job of promoting the use of film cameras without me so Have a look at his blog and see what he is up to in Margate. Lomokent Margate

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