Friday, 9 November 2012

Margate Football Club

I used to go and support Margate FC most home games before my MS got so I could no longer drive. I have tried it since a few times but being in a wheelchair watching the team run and leap about knowing I will never be able to hurts. I love watching sport on the tellie but I dont want to watch Margate anymore which is a shame because they are having a good season. That is not the reason for this post I am writing because my grandson played on the five a side pitches this week. I am old enough to remember the nurseries that used to stand next door to Margate FC a throwback to when Thanet used to have marvelous floral displays and spend money whooing visitors to the island. I am not saying the council dont spend money now just that our floral displays will never win any prizes unlike some local authorities who create marvelous displays.
Still the reason for this post is to promote Margate FC and the five aside pitches. Earlier this week loads of infant schools from around Thanet held a mini football tournament after school. My wife and my son went along to support our grandson so did his mum and dad. Margate FC do a lot of good work with youngsters in the community and the pitches are available to hire for a modest fee. I dont know if the club was inolved in the school tournament but what I do know is the look of pride on my grandsons face when he recieved his medal was worth a fortune. The kids who took part all got a medal and I hope that the evening inspires them all to join a team and take up football training rather than playing football on a computer. My son played for Margate FC Youth from the age of six and still plays occasionaly now more than 16 years later. Margate FC deserve a good season, I wish them well. COME ON YOU BLUES

Photo of Margate flowers from TALES OF MRS H blog taken on a trip to Margate read about her trip Here


  1. Hi Don- Glad the footballing is carrying on in the family but sorry you aren't able to support Margate physically anymore. However supporting them and your grandson via your blog is very kind and thoughtful. we all have to do what we can!
    Thank you for asking me about using my photo and I am very happy to see it used in your promotion of the arae.
    I hadnt been in that part of the country for a long time and I am glad to see that there are efforts to re vitalise the area. We had a lovely time on our hols there and hope to visit again soon! wishing you well with your blog!

  2. Mrs H thank you, glad you enjoyed your hols here and we hope you return soon.

  3. Congratulations to your Grandson Don, much better actually playing physically than on a computer. We live in an area where there is a lot of sporting activity for the young. There is always some event going on when passing the local fields, all through the year.

  4. Thanks Denise he makes his old grandad proud. They bring back memories of when my kids were young.Our Daughters used to play hockey and basketball and George was fascinated with a ball fromm before he could crawl, he still loves his football.


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