Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Manston Airport KLM Royal Dutch Airline

I saw on the TV news tonight Manston are now booking flights to Amsterdam and from there the rest of the world. China South Africa and Japan to name a few places mentioned on there website. I have long been in favour of Manston and wish this new link up every success

KLM Website
Manston Airport Website
Manston Airport Facebook


  1. disgusted with Labour /TIG alliance14 November 2012 at 10:56

    Perhaps Labour will now come out of the closet over this issue and take this opportunity to create jobs, we know that their stance on the Airport and so called night flights has held Thanet back, we now have a mjor opportunity and should seize it with both hands
    Welcome KLM to Thanet I for one wish you every success

  2. The Labour group have already welcomed this good news, daytime flights to a popular destination that actually benefit local people and might create a few jobs into the bargain. What they didn't agree to a while back was noisy old freight aircraft thundering over Ramsgate roofs during the night.

    The fact that this was turned down probably helped persuade the airport to do a deal with KLM instead.

  3. No doubt they will be moaning soon because the first flights are at 06:30 and I bet Cllr Driver will find some way to get his face on TV.


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