Friday, 23 November 2012

KLM flights suffer from Nimby complaints before they even take off

I have just come from Michaels blog and people are already moaning about KLM flights even before they have taken off. Noise is the main protest or maybe the fact that the airport exists is the real factor. We have a fantastic airport and a small number of people with little else to do moan about it. I have even read a blog called Planes over Herne Bay (now called herne bay matters) protesting about planes but forgive me how ridiculous is that Herne Bay is miles away, but judging by the blog it protests about everything. Life must be bad if you can find nothing to be happy about ? The majority of Thanet residents seem to be in favour of the airport but are not anywhere near as vocal as the small number of people who object. I am of the opinion if some people have nothing to moan about then they are not happy, now I have achieved a certain age when I am likened to Victor Mildrew but on the whole my glass is always half full. I hope the KLM flights are a roaring sucsess and they are so busy they have to put on loads of new flights. Use Manston Airport and Fly KLM


  1. Even the owners cant make Manston pay and have been unable to find a buyer at the price of £20 millions. The KLM contract seems to have made no difference to the viability of the airport and attracting buyers and I suspect that the costs of trying to get service off the ground is costing KLM little more that the cost of adding the route to its web site. Infratil certainly wont be spending any money on it after loosing so much over the last few years.
    If KLM booking dont materialize you can expect KLM to give refunds or offer flights to Amsterdam on its London and essex services so for them they cant loose.
    So now we have an owner that just wants to get rid and is asking no more than the price for good farm land. There are plenty of companies around that run airports that welcome the chance to expand but even at this price of £7.5 millions there are no takers.

  2. where can I vote for a second runway at Manston and frequent night flights?

  3. Don I think in all the comment there you may have missed the point of the post, which is Infratil the airport operator have said that because there are no takers to buy the airport as a going concern and as they are subsiding it to the tune of two million a year, they will now consider funding converting it to some alternative use.

  4. Will said, That is a brilliant idea, land exists within the overall airport area to build a North - South runway at right angles to the existing. Then all the night flights can land and take off over Margate. I will support that one.

  5. it had to happen the nibbys will kill it off they allways have done and allways will they will even oppose it beeing turned in housing or any other use including farm use

  6. Something about Thanet seems to breed negativity both in the indigenous and the immigrants. Whether Infratil can sell Manston or not is completely irrelevant, as Michael well knows. Thay cannot sell Prestwick either for the aviation industry is at a low point.

    It would not matter if Manston was a great success and buyers were lining up for it. That element would still whinge as they have done with every proposal from Thanet Earth, to Westwood X to the Turner. Don't even mention Arlington Tesco.

    From polluted aquifers to illegal rifle ranges, the isle is full of moaners and nutters. Whatever, it is all a masonic plot!

  7. Anon 10:00 & 22:15
    I agree totally the moaners and whiners always shout the loudest and TDC always listen to them and think if they are shouting loud that must be the way to go. The unfortunate thing is that the Nations Coalition Government seem to have modelled themselves on the TDC example so not only do we get bad governance from TDC that nice couple Clegg and Cameron and the jolly chaps in Westminster are unable to recognise common sense due to living self contained in the Westminster bubble. Even when the chap Cameron went on a jolly boys outing this week to visit the Lords of the Rings in the Low Lands of the Helvetii Tribes,are they still remained in a bubble and were served wine at £120 per bottle. Not only are we in Thanet going to hell in a hand cart we will be joined by many many others from both at home on the UK but all across Europe.

  8. manston could have three or even four runways the nibbys would still rather see it sit as is so they can sleep at will close westwood cross shut the port lets go back in time not forward it does not suit the MINORITY OF THANET RESIDENTS who have only lived here a few years with the IM all right jack attitude

  9. well said anon 16.01of 24/11

  10. I have to agree with the last two posts.

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