Thursday, 15 November 2012

KLM Flights from Manston

The long awaited International flights start from Manston next year. I know it is a link via Amsterdam but what could be easier than flying to Beijing or Baltimore from Manston London is close by and has fast train links to Ramsgate. The last time I went anywhere near Heathrow I spent longer sat on Western Avenue than it would take to get to Thanet by train. Thanet is now able to say it has International connections, I just did a quick search and a return ticket for Beijing next May is quoted at £661 so  maybe we will have our very own China Gateway at last. I m sure there will be teething problems yesterday was announcement day and people were moaning the couldn't book seat so if they are trying six months before take off lets hope it is a sign it is going to be busy.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines website
Manston International airport
Southern Railways


  1. I played at flying from Manston to Miami and Heathrow to Miami on identical dates. Manston was cheaper.

  2. Plus its a darn site easier to do than Heathrow even if you lived in Croydon it would be faster and cheaper thats it sorted Londoners fly from Manston


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