Friday, 30 November 2012

Cliftonville Library visit for Smart Car

I havent been out much and I was in need of new reading material so we headed of to the Library this afternoon.Cliftonville Library is easy to get into with my wheelchair and was very busy. I must say I was really amused to see a Mercedes Smart car outside the library, I wonder what Smart cars read? After the library we went down to counnt the boats and I am now going to see what the names are of the boats off Margate. See my Boats off Margate postZ. Today I counted at least 12 boats and I am off to
this is one of the boats off margate today


  1. Tut, tut Don!
    They are SHIPS off Margate, not BOATS. If ya think it doesn't matter, recall the way that TV reporters got their knickers in a twist during the Costa Concordia tragedy.
    They meant 'took to the boats as the ship capsized' but their garbled descriptions were totally messed up. A ship may carry a boat but a boat cannot carry a ship ..OR, a boat is usually open whereas a ship has enclosed decks.
    Sorry to be pedantic but such things do matter - especially to an ancient mariner like yours truly. On a better note, my has some Christmas suggestions for photo minded readers like you!
    Stay warm and keep smiling
    And, in case we don't say it later, Sincere Christmas wishes to you and yours from me and mine.

  2. Lomokent is not .com

  3. If you had an Ereader you can borrow up to 6 books from KCC online. Just need online id and password from the library. Must not be a Kindle as they use their own system but can be something like a Kobo. You can take books "out" for 7,14,28 days and since they are date protected they just expire on your Ereader. (you can always move the Ereader date back though).
    Just visit kcc leisure section and then libraries.

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  7. see I got ther eventually my HTML skills are not what they used to be

  8. Many thanks for the link. Great fun watching what's off Thanet, and where they have been!

  9. 08:15 You are welcome I love doing it. We go down and see what we can view and then then come back home and check the names and it makes a bit of fun out of the trip.


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