Thursday, 29 November 2012

Boats off Margate

Followers of this blog will know I like to count the boats off Margate. I have a theory that you can always count at least ten boats (weather permitting) and I mean big boats not smaller fishing boats or dingies. I like to go up to Palm Bay Avenue and look to see what boats are out there. This timme of the year we dont get out but when the weather is warm enough we get the wheelchair or scooter out and go along Princes Walk across Sackets Gap and along to the pumping station and back. CLICK HERE FOR A GOOGLE MAP On days like today when I cant even manage to sit in the car I have the internnett annd I use a site called and look at the pictures of the boats. Here are a couple of pictures from the site of boats plying their trade off Margate today.

                                            WISBY WAVE


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