Monday, 12 November 2012

Arlington house Margate Tesco or the alternative

I married my wife over 30 years ago. The shops under and around Arlington House were failing then and in the intervening years they have failed yep completely failed! The alternative is Tesco or what? Well I see no alternative, no one can have a shop there shops dont work in the high street let alone in a secondary position that is not viable. To me the alternative is convert the shops to more flats and let them remain empty like the ones already there or Tesco


  1. Or maybe relocate the council offices to the proposed Tesco site ... then convert Cecil Square to a bus station.
    If Royal Sands and Dreamland have each been derelict already for 10 years and counting - do we expect Tesco and Arlington H to be any speedier? The first probably won't ever happen and the 2nd will be briefly occupied by squatters before it collapses. 'The Block That Died Of Shame' ... imagine the movie!
    Meridian News last night once again rpeated 'the seafront supermarket' fallacy. Seems that a lie repeated often enough is accepted as fact. The proposed store is in All Saints Avenue. It is NOT on the seafront, unlike the Tesco at Sheerness which is actually adjacent to the sea wall.

  2. Col I haven't been to Sheerness for years. I spent a lot of time there as a youngster. I dont know what the answer for Arlington House is but as you say the time it takes the get anything done around here I wont be holding my breath.

  3. people who live here are working class folk who can do without people making decisions on what mite be or will be.the building is in the state it is due to the landlords making money from the tenants and not doing the nessesary maintanance required



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