Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thanet beaches have blue flags and new beach cleaners

I use a website for photographers called and post some of my photos there. I saw this piccie done I believe by a student for an art project. Well done *merlinmadness101
When I saw the photo of beach cleaners annd beach llitter I just knew I had to post this to remind people to take their rubbish home and keep our beaches clean.


  1. I second that motion, for people to take their rubbish home after leaving the beach. Hi Don, hope all goes well with you. Denise xxx

  2. Why not share some here too Don? What happened to your Lomo flavoured blog? [Maybe I just lost track of it?]
    Keep on keeping on my friend.

  3. Col I dont manage to keep it going I cant get out to take the piccies. I will restart it if my mobility gets better. for now though I shall try and keep this one going.


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