Sunday, 21 October 2012

Managed to get out

Those of you who follow this blog will know I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis MS as it is commonly known. Well I have been particularly unwell for the last three weeks so sorry I have not updated as I normally do. Well yesterday afternoon I managed to get out or a ride for the first time since since my trip to Canterbury Hospital on the 3rd of October. We went up to Cliftonville so I could check my theory that you can always count ten big ships off Margate and I wasn't disappointed. We had a ride out to Manston to see the airport and then headed through Acol to Birchington and back towards Margate. The seafront was its usual self the huge Ape on the balcony of one of the amusement arcades.
In the three weeks since I was last out I was pleased to see the sea wall defence work had progressed at a pace and must now be nearing an end.As we came along by Primark I was pleased to see some new shops have opened, Turning the corner and on to the Parade we were greeted by the sounds of a piano and some singers belting out Chaz and Daves Down to Margate, being critical they were slightly out of tune but were entertaining a fair size crowd. Further along at the Turner centre it looked like someone was holding a wedding there. I have head of several people who I know using the Turner Contemporary as a wedding venue and it has been reported as a fantastic venue and great value with superb food. Well from there we headed back home and I must say Margate is much the same as when I last saw it: a diamond in the rough.

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