Monday, 22 October 2012

Half Term whats on for the kids

I have just looked on the Thanet Council website to see what my grandchildren can get involved with next week and there is loads of stuff to get involved with. I am not going to list it all here but the links to other sites click through and find beach walks or ghost stories


 Kent Coastal Week 2012

 Amazing activities for half-term week

 Family Fun, Frights and Fireworks

Bonfire & Fireworks at Quex Park

THANET HAS LOADS OF STUFF GOING ON details are just a click away I have only linked a few of the events The VISIT THANET SITE HAS LOADS OF STUFF but you will need to try hard as the site is not easy to navigate:--
 Visit ThanetMargateBroadstairsRamsgate  has loads more events


  1. Now that's a great post with info on how kids can enjoy themselves. I remember trying to find things for our son to do when he was on a school holiday. Hope all goes well with you Don. Denise xxx

  2. hI Denise I am not good at the moment I spennt all morning in bed today. Heather has just taken our youngest grandson to meet his brother from school while his mum and dad do the parent meeting at his class at school. I did the post after looking for stuff for the kids next week as it is half term here.


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