Sunday, 28 October 2012

Feeling like the economy

I am feeling particularly bad at the moment.I know I have got Multiple Sclerosis but this feels different,, I feel ill. Sounds odd from a bloke who  cant walk across the room or cant hold pen to write a memo, from a man who's body is as broken as a car in  a train crash but I am ill. I go back to see the GP this week so maybe the test they are doing on my blood will show something up. I cant say a lot more. If you have children off school this week or half term have a great time, I know my grandchildren are all off and heading in various directions for different activities. More on me in the week bye for now


  1. Do hope you get a result from the tests. I know how it is to have a chronic condition which results in the idea that it is the root of all problems. Not so! You know your own body and its reactions better than anyone. If you feel probably are. Good luck with it all...keep your chin up.

  2. Cheers 18:49 I have had all the "its the MS " I can handle lets hope it is a swift reult and I am soon feeling better.


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