Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Edd Milliband thanks great Labour councils

I am just sitting here having got back from an appointment at Canterbury hospital and I clicked on the Parliament channel. Yep there was that nice Mr Milliband rabbiting on about a United Britain and how it is down to the core Labour or has he put it Grass Roots the local Labour party and all the successful local labour councils how they are going to win the next election. I smiled as I thought about Thanet council and all it’s in fighting and wondered if this is what he meant. I have been laughing about his speeches quiet a lot. He claimed yesterday that all millionaires were due a forty grand cheque failing to mention that he the comprehensive kid is a millionaire so he will be among the recipients but what he fails to say was that the tax change was on income and you have to earn a million a year to be paying the changed tax rate. I watched Paxman questioning one of the labour bods about that sleight of hand in yesterdays speach and it was very amusing how the afore mentioned bod wriggled and twisted rather than explain his leader was lying. Still it is the conference season and we have the Cameron Clown show next week, I wonder if he is inviting any plebs for that rude Mr Mitchell to berate.
 I expect Clive Hart will be glowing thinking how his leadership skills are being recognised by that awfully nice Mr. Milliband. I am not so sure the local constituents will be as sure he is doing a good job but if the national Labour party use TDC as a template for winning the next election we are due a jolly good laugh.

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