Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Made Fresh at the Village Pantry

my lunch

the Village Pantry at night
Now that TDC has banned live exports from Ramsgate we all need to eat more meat. I did my part today by having a Beef and Onion Roll from the Village Pantry 378 Northdown Road CT9 3PQ Margate. I love their rolls they are always full with fresh ingredients. I love the Beef and Onion but I also the homemade coleslaw or the Salad. In fact I love all of the rolls and as you can see from the photos I am a fan of not only the fresh rolls but the scotch eggs. So Head on up to the Village Pantry in the Parade of shops by the Olde Charles Pub in Northdown Road


  1. Do you always eat off the floor Don ?!! :-)

  2. LOL I tried taking picture of it on mmy lap but couldnt move my legs so my wife took it off off me and and snapped it before I ate it. I hate my MS the only time it is usefull is a disney to jump the queues.


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