Sunday, 30 September 2012

Home alone

Yep I am home all by myself. I have checked all the TV channels, tried listening to the Archers struggled to get to the phone now I am officially BORED! Not for long though the phone call was from our daughter she is coming with the grandsons to entertain me. We just tried playing connect four on the phone but it was tricky. We will have a trip to Dane Park so the boys can let off steam on the play area's swings and slides and if the kiosk is open I might get a coffee. The hi lite of the trip will be hunting for conkers. I know that is the real reason for the visit Grandad always finds the best conker trees. I used to love collecting them as a child and it is something I have never grown out of, the mere mention of a game of conkers immediately takes me back to being  the eight year old that is in all grown men. I best have a nap before me peace is interrupted.


  1. How wonderful, now you can show your grandchildren all the best conker trees.

  2. Denise I have had nearly 60 years practise and I am like an Elephant I never forget. Well only if you dont count not being able to find my keys heeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee


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