Monday, 17 September 2012

Golf open returns to Margate

I hope the crowds will be as big as or the Sandwich Golf open. Stokes Adventure Golf on the prom at Westbrook hosts the British Minigolf Association Tour 2012 BMGA British International Open.
My Grandson loves playing at Strokes so maybe when he grows a little older he may be a competitor.


  1. Nothing to say about the animals export ban?

  2. Dear Anon, this blog is about promoting Thanet, hence the title of it! Many other blogs have posts about the animal ban as well as the main stream media.

    I'm sure the blog owner won't take you attack personally.

  3. Don was one of the few people who actively supported the exporting of live animals (hardly "promoting" Thanet), so I'm curious of his opinion.

  4. Thank you for the post about the BMGA British Open at the excellent Strokes Adventure Golf in Margate.

    Fingers crossed for some nice weather!



  5. I dont think a post aboutt the fun issue of the golf is the place to discuss the silly people who want to stop exports of live animals I havent heard about a ban is there one? I will always promote live animal export my father was a sheep farmer and I know how hard he worked and how he loved his animals but at the end of the day they were not pets they are live STOCK and are destined for the table. People who are in the think these are pets can always buy a farm and ask the fammers to sell them the animals for export but I dont see them doing anthing other than tell other people who have their livlihoods on tthe linne how to do there job. Now if there is a ban imposed how does that promote Thanet, all the hauliers farmers the shipping line etc not making any money are they? are now Now I am off to explore if there is a ban because you all know you cant believe all you read on the internet.

  6. So there is a ban all I can say is well done to you who like one of the councillors think this barbaric. I dont share your views but it doesnt rate highly on my views

  7. As a local I watched the first British Minigolf Open in 2007 I got really interested in the sport and have not only played around the length and breadth of the UK but have also represented Great Britain... Come along and watch, it's a spectator sport yet to be really discovered. There be lots of hole in one's (what we call Aces) and there will be players from Sweden, Finland, Germany and New Zealand!!!

    a local living in Margate


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