Thursday, 20 September 2012

Disaster averted

Have you ever had that sinking feeling deep in the pit of your stomach when the world around you collapses? We experienced that feeling as we left the house on route for a bacon and brie roll at Sandwich . My wife put my walking frame back in the hallway having settled me in the car she closed the front door having check she had the car keys only to find she had left the key inn the lock inside. Well after the initial sinking feeling came panic. We knew the back door was locked and all widows firmly shut. So after the initial panic she phoned Access Lock and Key in Westbrook. She already had the number on her key ring from when she had some keys cut. I was delighted to hear they would only be half an hour and when the van turned up in no time at all the door was opened the offending key removed from the lock inside and then we were soon on our way  to get lunch at the Dog walkers Rest. I was delighted at the service from Access Lock And Key visit their website and put the number in your wallet.

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