Thursday, 27 September 2012

Been out for a haircut in Cliftonville

Yep it was time for a trim, I put it off but I just had to bite the bullet and go. I use Grades  Barbers in Harold Road Cliftonville. I normally phone and book an appointment but today I didnt as often they can fit me in but the earliest they could fit me in was 11:45 so we toddled off did a bit of shopping  and came back at the appointed time. So now I am all tidied up and trimmed. If you need a Barbers book an appoinntment with Grades in Cliftonville click here for their website
or ring them.
01843 290012


  1. Good choice Don,

    Nick and Zara from Grades top people!

  2. I have love it there I can get straight in no steps or obsticles and I even have my hair cut in my wheelchair so no messing about getting in the chair. You are right TOP PEOPLE


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