Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Manston Airport SAY NO TO A third runway

I started a facebook page for Manston Airport today. I saw that Tim Yeo has a daft idea he Can get that chap who in the Prime Minister to give the go ahead, well I say WHAT ABOUT MANSTON. It is daft all the night flight nonsense is deflecting the thoughts away from the real deal getting the Government to look at Manston. If you are in favour of Manston contact Tim send him a letter Tim Yeo MP
House of Commons
Or Phone him call the South Suffolk office on 01787 312363
 or contact Justine Greening  email or call her office at: greeningj@parliament.uk or 020 8946 4557.  

 I am amazed at the amount of people who visit the blog looking for Manston  if all those  want to see Manston succeed  contact the MP'S 
Visit the why not manston website


  1. Where's the link to your facebook group?

  2. The only wildlife in margate are the people.

  3. Roger Latchford OBE29 August 2012 at 08:14

    Manston Airport is the only opportunity for the future Regeneration of Thanet. Labour have cosied up to a few Ramsgate Residents for their vote, TIG vote for what ever Labour vote for. Our two Conservative MP's should now seize the opportunity to get Manston fully utilized and create the jobs so desperately needed. Boris Island we are told will take 20 years to come to fruition. in the meantime the mainland Continental Airports are expanding and with lower Airport Tax and the absence of Nimby's are forging ahead to create jobs wealth and opportunity. It is decision time.

  4. Yes it is decision time but the airlines have already decided. They dont want to come to Manston. They have given it a try and left. Their customers do not want to spend the extra cash needed to travel so far whether by train or by car when other airports are on their doorsteps and cheaper to get to.

    So the decision is for Thanet to support tourism and the many jobs that that brings and do what others have done successfully and develop an old air field to provide many more jobs than an airport ever would and everybody including the so called "few" in Ramsgate can live in peace.

  5. TDC and KCC should look at the example of the Pfizer site whose future was not looking to good a while back. Now its been purchased by a consortium that see a big future for such a development and will provide many more jobs than a regional airport would. With a bit of backing from local councils and the government that could be the future for Manston.


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