Friday, 24 August 2012

Cliftonville and Margate Housing 21 million investment

Thanet's Margate Central and Cliftonville West are to share in a 21 Milllion scheme to improve housing stock. The money is a TDC and KCC joint venture aimed at re-addressing the decline in the quality of homes in the area. Margate has an over supply of homes of multiple occupation (HMOs) of which many are one bedroom flats. The two wards have long been in decline and this latest scheme is part of a ten to fifteen year plan to bring up the quality of homes in the area and invest in Thanet. Read the TDC website post here


  1. how much social housing do we need!?!?!?!?
    I think we have more than our fair share at the moment I live in cliftonville right in the middle and I can honestly say the place does not need any more social housing what we need are refurbed period homes at low cost NO ONE wants flats NO ONE 8 purchases have been made in cliftonville since september last year and they where all 6 bed houses NO ONE WANTS TO BUY FLATS NEW OR OLD makes no sense who wants a flat in a rundown area thats full of social housing???? who is gonna buy that??? not the locals they are scared of the area and not outsiders because they want big cheap houses
    this scheme is about maintaining cliftonville as a ghetto keeping the neighbour down and therefore regulating property prices a farce as always
    beautiful victorian terraces have already been given permission to be torn down what next?!?!? does the council want to ruin this town??? or is it because most of the planners don't even live here????
    we need to do something or cliftonville will be ruined forever!

  2. There is a need for those 300 units of social housing, but not in an area where there is already a heavy concentration. The development should continue, but the refurbished, new properties should be sold on favorable terms to first time buyers or downsizers. The proceeds of sale could be used to purchase social housing in residential areas with low levels of social housing, ensuring these were not purchased in concentrations. Indeed all areas of intense social housing should become mixed - we need to end the ghettos created - we need to get rid of council estates by diversifying the housing, giving first time buyers a chance whilst maintaining social housing for those in need in ordinary residential areas that are mixed. give people the aspiration and change the culture of low self esteem, worklessness, dependency that blights local economies and blights so many lives. Concentrations of council and other social housing may support the power bases of some politicians, but should ghettos only exist for the benefit to support politicians? There will always be a need for decent social housing - but does it have to be in concentrations that are detrimental to people and areas?


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