Monday, 27 August 2012

British Wool Weekend 2012

Before some one pipes up this blog is called Promote Thanet I will say it is my blog and I blog what I want and I want to promote British Wool. My Day would if he had lived he  would have been 100 years old on the fifth of next month and one of my lasting memories of him was with his sheep. I won’t go all sentimental and say he loved his sheep he was a farmer and his sheep represented his livelihood he looked after them but they were  bred to be meat and destined for slaughter, so don’t get doe eyed and think of baby lambs gambolling around . I despair at the protestors who  want to stop live exports from Ramsgate the UK has the best animal welfare legislation in Europe but for some these are not good enough. Still I don’t want to pick a fight with those who hold different views to mine I want to promote British Wool. As a youngster I loved shearing time it was always a busy time herding the sheep and seeing them step out after being shorn all white and fresh but bewildered as to what had gone on.
 Well last night on the BBC’s Countryfile Adem was bemoaning the price of wool fleeces and it got me thinking about British Wool and how once it had made Britain great. I ended up searching the web an discovered it is British Wool Weekend next week on the First and Second of September. The event is to be held in the Yorkshire Event Centre, The Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate HG2 8NZ. To find out more details visit the website. I doubt this post will send people in their hoards up to visit but if it prompts one person to consider buying British wool it will have served its purpose. Plus it has bought childhood memories of my long dead dad back to me  and the few glorious years I had with him.


  1. A very interesting post Don. I enjoyed reading it and thanks for the link also.

    p.s. I'm in the middle of redecorating a bedroom for English friends who are coming in a couple of weeks or so. I've just treated myself to a small chest of drawers with a Union Jack painted all over it. I think my roots are showing ;) Mind you, they never really left. Have a great day! Denise xxx

  2. LOL I used to sell decorated chests with sail boats air planes treasure maps etc and a favourite was a wardrobe with a guardsman in a pillbox with a busby on. Happy days


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