Saturday, 7 July 2012

Where is Qatar

I have blogged about Qatar before but this post is more about the country than its location. Qatar was one among the poorest off the Gulf states but now thanks to oil revenue it is now as rich as some of its bigger neighbors. Oil and gas make up the majority of its income. The 2022 World Cup is destined for Qatar and due to the countrys location and its hot climate I have read all sorts of surgestions about how they plan to deal with playing football in such hot conditions, I even read articles about artificial clouds being placed above the stadiums   and these clouds will provide shade and it is planned to run these artificial clouds on solar power.. Strange but evidently true. I know from one of my other blogs plenty of people are interested in the games and how to get to Dohar Qatars  capital. Al-Jazeera  the satelite TV news station has become one of the most important broadcasters in the Arab world and is runn from Qatar. So this once poor British protectorate is now financially very well placed in this oil rich region and are looking forward to the worlds eyes being focused on them as they host the worlds biggest football game in 2022.


  1. Qatar is a great place, lovely friendly people... had a nice stay there a few years back...

  2. I wont be visiting anytime soon. My only reason for blogging about it was the amount people asking where is qatar

  3. Another fact is that I used to live there when I was a nipper as my Dad worked for an oil company.


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