Monday, 2 July 2012

Walking Weather and my scooter

I was hoping to get out tomorrow on the scooter and on checking the weather it doesn't seem that will happen. My wife has just put the battery on charge after our sortie to Sandwich yesterday. Our youngest grandson is not to sure of granddad and his scooter, the others have all wanted to ride on granddads’ lap but he is wary. I tried playing football with him yesterday I nudge the ball with the front bumper but he had other ideas. All ended fine coz we celebrated with ice creams all round. The scooter is great as it means I can still be included in family walks and picnics with some independence, My wheelchair is fine but I have to go where I am pushed with the scooter I am in charge of my own destination which is ok but I am adventurous and sometimes I have been known to fall off over rough ground. If you are like me and are unable to walk I can recommend a disability scooter as it keeps you involved with things. I found I cut myself off from things and stayed at home now I am there in the centre of things


  1. Dear Don,
    Cannot see my web/blog on your favourites list.

    Please can you do this for me. You are on my homepage.


  2. Glad you are able to get out more. The scooter sounds like a wonderful way to get around. Happy traveling!


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