Friday, 27 July 2012

Opening ceremony

I am sitting here waiting for the Olympic Opening Ceremony I have had spend part of the day defending the Olympics. Part of the population are anti and they make there voices heard. I for one will be pleased when the ceremony is underway and the Olympics start proper. Millions in this country and Billions worldwide  are pleased with the Games but all we hear is the voices of those who are opposed.


  1. I know what you mean Don, I guess there will always be something for people to moan at. I'm looking forward to watching the Olympics and also to seeing the background shots of Old Blighty :)

  2. Well, I LOVED it. I thought the Industrial Revolution at the beginning was just brilliant; I loved the idea of the Queen parachuting with James Bond; Mr. Bean in the orchestra was so funny; the poppy & the silence for the fallen was very moving; the music through the years was a great timeline; the children's literature with the monsters & the Child Catcher was a fab idea - thank goodness Mary Poppins was there to make it all OK again - & all in all, I thought it was a brilliant opening ceremony. It might even inspire me to watch some of the games :o)

  3. I loved the opening ceremony and all the events I have seen today have been great. I just feel sorry for all of those moaners, bt at least all the time they are moaning about the Game they are not moaning about anything else.

    Denise did you see the Cycling some lovely shots of this Green and Pleasant land.


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