Friday, 20 July 2012

Milk Prices

My Neighbor when we moved here was a milk man for the COOP, although I cant remember how much a pinta cost 20 years ago maybe if Trevor reads this at his new home in Australia he can tell me. I am convinced that the dairy farmers were getting a better deal all those years ago than they are now. The answer is  for the price of milk to rise or the processors to take an smaller cut, but there is another alternative and that is to import cheap milk. I am not sure if this is the route the authorities want to take  but if something is not sorted soon instead of talking double dutch we will be drinking it.


  1. A part from price the one advantage of buying milk at a supermarket is that often it has a ten day use by date. In summer you were lucky for it to last 2 days from a door step delivery. And to make sure you never run out put milk in a plastic bottle in he freezer. It takes a while to defrost but imerse the bottle in cold water and defrosting is quicker.

  2. I have noticed we now use far more milk now than ever before when we had two pints a day.So it never gets to its use by date


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