Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Feeling better

I have been feeling unwell for the last week and have avoided doing any posts because they would not have made any sense, my wife recons I have been away with the fairy's. So today I am back in the land of the living and thought I would catch up. I have been confined to bed  and feel weak so I am going to try some exercise nothing to strenuous but I know I am under par. Back to Thanet, Ross is having a quiet season due to the rain but when the sun shines the beach is a great place to be and Botany Bay is one of the best.Ross got binoculars for his birthday and has been on the lookout for seals so when you visit ask him where they are. Thursday see's the Olympic torch. I am excited by the Olympics and will be out on the route to see the torch because that will be the closest I get to see anything Olympic other than on telly. Those whingers who are moaning about the Olympics dont want to come near me unless they want to get an ear bashing. I am delighted Great Britain PLC has got the Games and we should be celebrating.
As for anything else I am not up to date on the local news so if there is anything I find I may comment but I am starting to post on my other blog Disabled Don which is about me and my Multiple Sclerosis

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