Thursday, 21 June 2012

Turner Contemporary visit

I have always been in favour of the Turner contemporary even of the ill fated thing that when they trailed it fell over and was cast into a very expensive obscurity. I don’t go as much as I would like but today was a fantastic day and we met an old friend for the afternoon and our visit to the Turner was fabulous. The building as ever looks great but is currently decked in its Olympic band and it suits it, it looked fantastic. We browsed the Tracy Emin exhibition and I got into several discussions about her skills and debated the meaning of some of the paintings/drawings. Mandy one of the guides was very helpful and four of us had long discussions and each of us had valid observations and feelings about the works.
It just went to show art is individual to each of us and whilst some people just dismissed what they saw others looked beyond the visual and questioned he reason behind he image. I was delighted by the several conversations I was involved in and some made me question what my own views were. We never ate in the Turner but the restaurant was doing a brisk trade. We went out on to the harbour arm and had coffee and cake sitting in the afternoon sun. Whilst there I got chatting to a photographer from a daily paper, he was doing an article on the Margate regeneration and the Art Gallery. We spoke about the new businesses that have opened in the area in spite of the economic climate, and I said about the work I have done at Saint Pauls in Cliftonville with Ignite.
All good things have to come to an end and we left the harbour arm just as someone was getting a parking ticket, so if you park make sure you don’t over stay your time. We had parked in a disabled bay right outside the Gallery so had no parking problems. We said good bye to our friend and put my disability scooter back in the car and headed homeward. I had a great time in Margate and can recommend the Old Town and the Harbour Arm but the Jewel in Thanet’s Crown is the Turner Contemporary, it is a fantastic building and the exhibits provoke you.


  1. I regret to say I was a Turner Centre sceptic but I now appreciate its success. I like the ribbon and I hope it stays as it really makes the building stand out.

  2. Buzz I like it as well but doubt it will stay. I was amazed at the numbers of people visiting which can only be good for Thanet.


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