Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Turner Centre Question Comment

I just got this comment on a previous post about the Turner it was hi-lited and awaiting comment mod here is the comment and my reply
Anonymous said...
Turner Centre? Does anyone really give a **** about what happens to the Turner Centre in the context of Global Warming?
20 June 2012 09:14
Blogger Don said...
I do! The Turner centre is helping revive my local economy give Jobs to Thanet and put food on the table of local people. Whilst I am concerned about National and international events I cant do much about them and Global warming may be high on your agenda it aint on mine.

 So to clear this issue up I dont delete comments   but if you have views far different from mine I will tell ya. The Turner is good for Margate and Thanet and I will continue to promote both it and Thanet.


  1. Too right Don!! Looovvve the Turner Centre!

  2. I have been there this afternoon and got into some fantastic conversations
    I loved he exhibition


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