Saturday, 2 June 2012

Thanet Councillors urged to get to work

Yesterday I blogged about the phobias that are racking certain councillors. From the comments that were posted the residents of Thanet would rather they got on with the job instead of the stupid and unhelpful bickering. Thanet is on its knees in the worst financial recession in living history and the children in charge of TDC are behaving not in the interest of improving Thanet but on individual agendas and personal ego trips. Tony was quick to say nor all councillors are to blame but all I can say the noise coming from the bad eggs is so loud that we cant hear from any of the good eggs, maybe they should be shouting at the noisy badly behaved infants  and put them in their place and if they cant behave then the good eggs should  ask them to go because they are not doing Thanet any good and in these strained times we need some strong people at the helm not the fools we seem to have to endure at the moment.

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