Monday, 25 June 2012

Forced Marriage will increase with camerons under 25's plans

Yep it will be those at the margins of society who will suffer the most. Young girls being forced into an arranged Marriage will have nowhere to go. The already venerable members of so society will be hardest hit. Cameron cant get rich people to pay their to but want the youngest to suffer to enable the like of Jimmy Carr and Philip Green to dodge tax payment. Last year we saw The boss of the Students Loans Company ED Lester set up private company to avoid paying tax and I think George Osboure agreed that was OK Dave Cameron the man of the people has lived in a political bubble all his life and ain't got a clue what its like out of that bubble ad its rarefied air. Untill this bunch of millionaire ministers can show us they can do the job I surgest we vote them out at the next election.

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