Saturday, 2 June 2012

Epsom on Derby day

Just sitting at home watching Claire Balding do a family interview from her brothers stables and hearing a bit about her early family  life at a championship stables. The Derby kicks off a weekend of fantastic fun and events to mark the Queens 60 years on the throne. I am a Royalist through and through and am proud to be British so if you dont share my views on the Royal family dont bother trying to  bait me you wont change my views that the Royals do so much good for UK PLC . Long live the Queen.


  1. With you 100%, Don. Like all families, there are the ones who are a bit of a trial & an embarrassment at times, but on the whole, I think we OK with our Royal Family :o)

  2. Well said Don and Long Live The Queen! Denise xxx


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