Thursday, 21 June 2012

Doctors strike is a disgrace

There seems to have been a bit off a Turner Centre Blog Fest going on with me over the last few days. I make no apologies about that coz I love the place bt there is so much else going on  and I cant just blog about the Turner and True love. My daughter has just come in and has been at the hospital with our Grandson today and evidently it was a nightmare with the strike. I know several doctors and I wont say anything on here I wouldn't say to there face. The fact of the matter is they get a far better pension than is the norm. And yes they pay in but it is well topped up by the tax payer, and they cant afford what was agreed pre financial crash. Hard luck tuff tittie get on with it, the rest of us aint got the fantastic salaries nor pensions you get. What I say is GET REAL the rest of us are suffering but you want to go on as if everything is OK. It aint! I am worrying about the increased fuel costs that are proposed and the majority of the population are just getting by on what they contribute to their pensions. So strike by all means but  dont ask me to support you. disgrace


  1. Doctors work hard to qualify, and they get paid well as they should, as I understand it conditions have improved vastly so for many it 9-5 monday to friday, in fact things are so good for doctors at my surgery that they no longer have to see patients refusing urgent appointment and making customers use out of hours services instead.

    Should I contribute a single penny to my doctors pension, er no it is frankly immoral, which given the number that actually took part in the recent strike indicates that not all doctors are expecting hard working people to subsidise pension pots worth up 3 million pounds.

  2. I know several doctors who never went on strike. The fact of it is some are earning a small fortune and are well rewarded already. The pension issue is scandalous. Most people they treat can only dream of being paid what they are making in contributions in ttheir working life, let alone receiving that amount as a pension.


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