Monday, 25 June 2012

Cameron Plans for under 25's

I saw on the TV and read in today's papers that Cameron plans to stop housing benefits to the under 25'S I am disgusted by the way this Tory coalition are dismantaling the wefare state whilst they are unable to get Vodaphone to contribute to the axes of the nation and allow blatant tax dodges by Jimmy Carr. HMRC are a joke  they cant get rid of these so called aggressive tax avoidance schemes costing the country an estimated £35 billion yet if a kid who has been taken from his parents at a young age and cared for by the state at a cost of  many many thousands for all of his life comes to the age of 18 is cut off by the state now wont get any housing benefits. I just wonder how many KIDS IN CARE will be affected by this proposal and more to the point HOW MANY ARE THERE NOW IN THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT FIGURES. Cameron is unable to keep control of the defence figures and his own HMRC is unable to collect taxes from very prominent individuals YES YOU  JIMMY CARR and add in SIR PHILIP GREEN VODAPHONE AND ALL THOSE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS on special schemes. The Tories are in a mess and Cameron and Co who have never lived in the real world just in a political Westminster bubble are shutting down the best of British. I am sorry mr cameron yes a deliberate small c you are  so far removed from the real world you are lost in space. 

camerons plans for under 25's and child benefits, kids in care,tories cant collect tax from the rich, jimmy carr is immoral but not illegal hmrc cant do their job,sir philip green avoids tax and we still call him sir, bob diamond lost his knighthood what about philip green the tax avoider,

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