Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Billie Piper lesbian role in Thanet

I have enjoyed the BBC's True Love stories  over the last three nights. The stories were all filmed in Margate so it gives a touch of the personal with local landmarks and scenes. I had to have a wry smile at last nights subject matter which saw Billie Piper in a lesbian relationship, I wonder how members of the TDC regard lesbians ? Judging by recent events we wont have long to find out. I think the programmes have been great and would like to applaude Kent Film Office which is funded and run by KCC for getting as much film work as they do for Thanet and Kent. Ross has been involved at Botany Bay in providing catering and various film crews are oftten seen in the area bringing much needed income into the area. If you have missed the series catch up on BBC iPLAYER HERE

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