Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mist stops play

Feeling better than I have for some while and with the weather forecast set fair my wife and I headed out for a spot of bird watching. The sun has managed to burn the sea mists off by mid morning on other days this week so we saw no reason today would differ. Obviously no one to the mist that this was things get done around here. We had to deliver a birthday card and having dispatched it we headed along the sea front and were greated by blanket fog. By the time we had driven from Cliftonville to the harbour we had decided not to venture far and called on friends in Westbrook rather than waste a trip to try and spot birds in the mist.I can understand watching Gorillas in the mist they are somewhat larger than a sparrow and would be more visable. Soafter  two cups of tea we headed back along Margate front and you couldnt see the Turner Centre from anywhere along the front, not until you were almost upon it. I didnt bother with any pictures as I believe everyone will know what it is like looking out on a foggy day. Wish me better luck tomorrow.


  1. Good luck for today, Don. Here in Ramsgate, the sun is up & shining brightly already, so fingers crossed it's the same on your side of the island :o)

  2. hMMMMMMMM Sunny and bright but my missus is having her hair done so I am stuck at home untill she gets back.


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