Friday, 4 May 2012

Margate clean Beaches

Ross is delighted at the Botany Bay beach kiosk as are other people who earn their living from Thanets sun sea and sandy beaches.We have some of the best beaches in the country, not only the sandiest but the cleanest. The Marine Conservation Society have published this years Good Beach guide and Thanet has once again scores very high marks. I have had a beach hut at Westbrook beach for around 25 years and our children were bought up on the beach and I am delighted my grandchildren are able to enjoy the same simple pleasures of sun sea and sand. I am no longer able to get down onto the beach without the help of one of the special big wheeled chairs that TDC have on the beaches around thanets beaches making the sea and sand accessible to disabled people. I have just contacted Thanet Lesuireforce 01843 296111 to find out what is happening with the chairs this year. Whilst we have super water quality Ross asked me to blog about the lack of beach cleaners and bins at Botany and to ask people to take rubbish off of the beach at the end of the day. Remember only leave footprints.

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