Thursday, 17 May 2012

Botany Bay Broadstairs Lifeguards station

 Old lifeguards hut
 New facilities
 Chalk Stacks at Botany Bay
Ross sent me these piccies of the new Life Guard Station for Botany Bay. I wrote yesterday about the new RNLI Life Gaurds that Thanet will have in place for the new  season. It seems Thanet will have the best beaches the most blue flag awards and the best bacon sarnies will be available from Ross at the Botany Bay Beach Kiosk. Ross and Victoria will be open weather permitting over the long Bank Holiday weekend.BOTANY BAY BEACH KIOSK FACEBOOK PAGE
If you set your sat nav for CT10 3LG you will arrive outside the refurbished Fayreness Hotel  it has been taken over by Shepherd Neame and has got a new name The Botany Bay Hotel which over looks Botany Bay.


  1. Lovely pics of the Bay, Don & the new lifeguard hut looks tons better than the old :o) We may have to have a pootle out during the better weather to sample one of those bacon sarnies you keep mentioning :o) Maybe you & 'imself can have a race on your scooters along the prom - I'll think about bailing you both out if you get arrested !! :o)

  2. LOL my scooter is turbo charged for getting away from any plice chase. I love Ross's bacon sarnies but the weather needs to be a fair bit better to see me on my scooter. You sound like my missus she would 'think about bail' then do something else.


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