Friday, 16 March 2012

First Photo album

I saw the John Sargent programme tonight about the Frith photo album iof England in the 1890's. I have long known of Frith postcards and photo's but what Sargent is doing going back and trying to find some of the locations of the originals pictures and taking a modern view. Obviously things have changed and in some instances buildings have been demolished and shots have changed beyond all recognition.I was also taken buy a shot of a Farmer making hay some time in the 1890's and John went to a heritage farm where they still use heavy horses. I wish them well in their venture but I dont think we can produce enough food that way but it looked idylic.Click here for HEAVY HORSES


  1. We gave up after the first three episodes! Mr Sergeant is not an instinctive or intuitive presenter. Did you wonder why he seems to believe that he has to crouch down to take a photo ... how in one shot he has a camera bag that has magically become a brief case in the next and then vanishes completely? He really should take lessons from Michael Portillo's Railway series.
    Bu perhaps the producer is at fault. Their first ever assignment maybe? It sure looks like it. What a great idea and what a wasted opportunity.

  2. Thank you, Colin, I thought it was just me! However, Bleak House piece was highly amusing.

  3. Hadn't noticed I will look out for the slip ups. I just like the scenery and I love heavy horses.


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