Thursday, 2 February 2012


Once again a government official is called into question over tax issues. Ed Lester, chief executive of the Student Loans Company, has arranged to pay his salary of near on £200 grand through his OWN company via a recruitment firm. To many this will seem like tax avoidance but oh no the tax loophole has HMRC aproval. So Ed Lester can save £40 THOUSAND TAX and he is in good company HMRC has recntly aproved deals with many big firms and Vodaphone is claiming it is an urban myth they were let off billions of tax by HMRC

How does this  help people in Thanet? Well ask those who lost their jobs at Thanet Press wound up by the tax man. If the taxman had been more sensible those people would still be in work but no such cosy deals for Thanet it seems you need to be a chief exec of a Government body with a good job and your own private company as well as your job to get deals to avoid FORTY GRAND tax. I wonder if TDC will investigate the fees paid to consultants and special advisors? I think if this scale of tax avoidance goes on with Whitehall approval TDC will certainly have some skeletons in the cupboard.

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