Friday, 24 February 2012

Parakeets in my garden

How lucky am I ? The only downside is they can eat alot, I mean a LOT.


  1. little sods can be really destructive..

  2. Really clear pics, Don. I love their colouring. I have up to 10 of them at times in my garden, especially at the end of the summer when they help themselves to what's left on the apple tree :o) They don't seem to take much notice of the seed I put out though.

  3. Ken I sat in a friends garden and watched one stip the buds of a cherry tree.
    PJK we hang an apple up for them sometimes its such fun to
    watch em

  4. Wild parakeets in your garden? Is this becoming a regular thing over there now? I don't ever remember seeing one in the wild before. What great shots! Thanks Don. Denise xxx

  5. Hi there, we have many around our court also, they are very pretty, but are rather inclined to have more than their share of the food left our for the birds.



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