Thursday, 2 February 2012

Feed the birds

I often post about feeding the birds, with the weather set at cold and heading for even colder I aim to put more food out than usual and I ask you all to do the same. Birds decorate our days and are a joy to have around but as the temperatures plummet they are in danger not of just being cold but death. Help our feathered friends with some bird food. RSPB WEBSITE


  1. A wonderful post for our feathered friends Don. I feed them every day, the least I can do for all the joy they bring. Denise xxx

  2. absolutly Denise, they are a joy to behold and deserve our help.

  3. My bird tables & feeders are full to the brim, but yet again, I had to break the ice in the bird bath this morning. I love the way the starlings all sit round the edge & wait their turn for a splash :o) My robin's been back a few times recently & as well as the usual sparrows, magpies, collar doves & woodpigeons, I've had 2 pair of blue tits doing acrobatics through the trees & bushes. However, the most amazing thing last week - I had a woodpecker on the plum tree !! I was just about to grab my camera when 'imself came out of his husband hut & the woodpecker flew away :o( It's not been back since, but I'm keeping watch, just in case :o)

  4. Hello Don,

    I love your blog, keep adding these interesting writings for us all.

    Hope you are keeping well, and kind regards to your wife also.

    Yvonne Chapman (Minster)


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