Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thanet deserves less? why Driver resigned

I thought about the Ian Driver resignation and came up with the conclusion that the maverick councillor must think Thanet residents deserve less from our council. He wants money set aside to make Thanet a pleasant place to live and visit with flowers along the front and tended gardens plus council sponsored events to woo visitors into spending time and money in the area to be used elsewhere.Not that he knows where TDC should use the money but  he knows he dislikes flowers. The only thing I can think he would like to have Thanet look like is an East German town before the fall of the wall, barren and inhospitable I know this is a very simplistic view of our ex Labour councillors decision as to why he has left the party he was elected to, but it struck me that Thanet has many problems and the few thousand TDC plans to spend on flowers wont go anywhere to fixing them. Personally I think the local Labour party will be better off without Mr Driver after all they have more than enough problems already.

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  1. Perhaps instead of spending a fortune on bedding plants on roundabouts, we could have more natural planting, i.e. lavender which only needs to be trimmed each year and which is loved by pollinating insects. The roundabout at the top of Minster also looks amazing and looks as if it doesn't have to have hundreds of pansies planted, only to be ripped whilst still in flower which is a total waste of tax payer's money.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is that yes, we should have some money spent on making the island look nice but let's use a bit of common sense when deciding what flowers to plant.

    Surely Ian could persuade some Gorilla gardeners to throw some wild flower seeds on every bit of grass verge etc to make the place look nicer. Oh forgot, this would get some winger writing into the papers moaning about weeds on the verges outside their houses!


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