Friday, 13 January 2012

A Sideways Launch on Faversham Creeek

My brother lent me a copy of A Sideways Launch to watch. I am old enough to remember Favershams shipyard and it bought back memory's I had long forgotten. I went down to Abbey street once to watch a boat launched sideways into the creek, I stood on the quay at Gillets surrounded by crowds of people who like me had come to see the spectacle of a boat being launched sideways into the narrow creek. Oh memories to cherish. Faversham has changed, this video bought back some of what I had forgotten. Here is a youtube clip the full video can be purchased in Faversham or ring  01795 539 448. 01795 539 448.


  1. How does yet another story about Faversham promote Thanet?
    Maybe you should change the name of your blog?

  2. I love Faversham! One of my favourite places to visit, along with Wye, Chilham, Wingham & Sandwich.


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