Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pegwell Bay Nature Reserve

I last shared this on Blogger almost two years ago, time flys. The cafe at Pegwell bay nature reserve serves a darn good bacon sandwich and yesterday I got my first one of 2012. In actual fact it was a Bacon and Brie with cranberry jelly. Bird watching was my primary reason to be there but food came a close second . I cant move very well at the moment so I stayed in the car but saw marvelous dispays put on by the huge flocks of Lapwings feeding and flying.

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  1. Good grief, were you supposed to eat that roll or climb it ?!! :o))

    It's been ages since 'imself & I went to Pegwell Nature reserve. It'll be a lovely walk from home when the weather's better - me on Shanks's & him on his mobility scooter. I reckon I'll deserve a bacon roll after that :o) We actually walked along the road there when they were *building* the reserve, way back in 1981. It was the day after my brother in law got married & 3 months after 'imself & I got engaged. Happy memories :o)


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