Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Money Sacks new year text is not Feng Shui

My wife Just received a text saying that Chinese Feng Shui says years with five Saturdays and Sundays is a lucky year and only happens every 800 years and to forward the text to get good luck. Hmmmmmmmmmm should have checked it out  first this month has only four saturdays but five Sundays  Mondays and Tuesdays and this happens with boring regularity every few years so I have a feeling the only winner of this text will be the mobile phone company.


  1. hi don,baaa blooming humbug...iv just sent 8 messages,thanks for making us lose hope.but tell your wife to read the rhonda byrne.she will have cash in abundance.i have the secret and life is great.

    happy new year Kathy from Leeds

  2. we should never take things for granted and especially from ambiguous origin!searching the web can be very fruitful,thanks to you ,Don! the way check this April,too!


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