Wednesday, 4 January 2012

365 Faversham Project Photos

  I have posted this straight from Face book. I have followed the 365 Project in Faversham for ages and saw the group name had changed. I have enjoyed the Photos one a day for a year and wish we could do something similar in Margate?
"Kent Creative Arts Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit art organisation aiming at bringing together people and the place they live in, through community photography. Our goal is to increase community cohesion and participation in photography, helping grow and improve relations and understanding of the places we live in.

365 / A Year in the Life is a photography community project designed to record a year in the life of Canterbury/Faversham/Sheppey during the course of 2011 through 365 photographs, one for each day of the year, taken by the residents .".


  1. Until Dec 31 2011, Ramsgate photographer Colin Bowling had a similar project - albeit on a personal basis.
    Perhaps you could organise a similar project yourself?
    There was a Margate Foto-fest going last year but they seem remarkably coy about who and where they are and any plans for 2012. Not the same I know, but maybe a nucleus of interested souls if you can find them?
    I would happily support any initiative designed to promote Margate in a positive way through photography.

  2. It would be nice to have more going on within Thanet, I ran a 365 personal project last year - got half way through and stopped as rather than stretching me creatively, it did the opposite. However with several people within the pool of shooters it would be something you could count me in on.

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  4. I have just removed the comment saying I would look in to running a scheme, on reflection I am not well enough to do it so dont look at me. I am able to participate ocassionally.

  5. OK Don.
    Suggest we let this run for a week or two and see what responses we attract.
    I have a few ideas altho' I tend not to be a joiner of organisations ... especially any that involve meetings ... and will bounce them off you later in the month.


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