Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Derelict eysore gets another step closer to restoration

I see from Thanet Councils website the appalling building on Fort hill the Fort Road Hotel is another step closer to restoration. Having read the article and seen the idea of the Spitalfields Trust becoming involved. If 30 odd developers cant make a bid on the place maybe TDC needs to join up with a charity who has experience of old site development and the Spitalfields Trust seems the perfect answer to getting the  derelict site sorted. I have tried to locate a website for  the trust and the best I can come up with is newspaper articles and magazine features about them click here


  1. It would be great to get the old place back to her former glory, so to speak. Thanks for the link. I shall go take a look now. A little late but Happy New Year Don. Denise xxx

  2. Thanks Denise and a Happy New Year to you. XXX Don


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