Friday, 16 December 2011

Thanets Freedom of Information requests

I was doing a bit of research on the Hepworth Wakefied and came across a FOI about the Hepworth amd that lead to seeing if TDC appeared on the site. Well they do it seems to be a national site called if you click here you can see TDC being as helpfull as ever over a FOI about KCC'S no use empty scheme and TDC's involvement in the scheme but if you read the reply you would think it is a secret


  1. Don

    I think the answer is a simple one. If it is a KCC scheme, which it is, any partner can only release information as approved by the responsible body. In practice this means asking the responsible body ie KCC's Steve Grimshaw. Anything else merely starts a range of multiple layers of repeated work which is expensive and unnecessary. Louise needs to redirect her request to KCC (which knowing Louise I am sure she will have done as well!).

  2. So Chris can TDC not say its own involvement in this scheme? ie nuber of properties that TDC are recomending or indeed have recomended to me it seems strange that KCC would know local needs and those needs would indeed be bought to KCC'S attention from TDC.


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