Saturday, 31 December 2011

Pass the Port

You know how it is, you are mindlessly surfing and you end up on a site that you had no intention of seeking out and is of no particular interest. Well it has just happened and it has nothing to do with scantily clad ladies so if you are waiting for the porn, wrong site. I saw a bottle of wine on a Facebook friends post and off I went googling the make and name  and then distracted I clicked on a site and I was the equivalent of Alice off down the rabbit hole and I ended up on a Vintage Port site wondering why the vintages only start at 1947?and then I did it. No not find pre '47 I read a review of a recent Port and I have long wondered what planet tasters come from but this one revealed a new taste/smell to me he described the alluring bouquet amongst other things to contain pencil lead ! I kid ye not the whole read like this :- The purple/black-colored 2007 Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port exhibits an alluring bouquet of mineral, pencil lead, espresso, violets, black currant, and fruitcake.  Dense and structured on the palate, it has an excellent integration of alcohol, acidity, and tannin.  It should be one of the longer lived wines of the vintage with 12-15+ years of aging potential and a drinking window extending through 2037. Score: 91/100
     Now I as you know am no expert in anything so I am the least qualified to comment on an others description of something I very much doubt I will ever taste so don't take a blind bit of notice of anything I say, But Pencil lead. If I was anywhere near a drink that smells like pencil lead I wouldn't drink it I would offer it to Michael so he could use it to improve his artistic side. Pencil lead? I have heard the expression put some lead in your pencil but I don't think this is what does it at least I always thought those scantily clad ladies had more to do with pencils than wine, but then I as I said before know nothing. I am off to sample some of my grandsons crayons Hic

On further reasearch Port is the oldestregulated wine and records start 1756 :- The Douro valley where port wine is produced was defined and established as a protected region, or appellation in 1756, making it the oldest defined and protected wine region in the world. I LOVE WIKIPEDIA

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