Friday, 9 December 2011

“Mercozy” Euro control freaks "OUT"

The Mercozy partnership looks like it got past its first test last night. Yep they allienated from Britain and now we can sit back and watch as the European Union begins to unravel. Well maybe not straight away but it is on the cards the Greek debt crisis is not even on the agenda yet let alone Italy or Spain. So are Germany and Frances Mercozy twins going to sort things out, in the short term they will print some more Euro's paper over a few cracks and block anything the UK put on the table but in the long run I think we are up s*** creek without a paddle. I have never understood some if the crap we have had to endure in the European Union butt I feel things are going to get worse before ir if ever they improve.


  1. Sarkozy is a slippery character and gave Cameron no choice but to veto the original treaty. I still believe the Euro zone will have massive problems to come though and the UK will be better off not giving up all powers to an unelected German/French EU body. Europe will still buy good quality UK goods whether we are 'in or out'. Do all the Euro leaders really think the people of their countries will just accept giving over all their powers to Brussels without any referendums and then accepting ten years of abject austerity just to please the German tax payer and bail out France? I don't think so.

  2. Personaly I think David Cameron did this to protect the banking elite in this country by picking a fight then walking away.


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